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Clients are living longer.  As a longevity advisor I strive to be at the center of an ecosystem where clients can save, invest, plan, and connect with strategies that will help with the reality of living longer.  This also means being a resource and connector to other resources along with educating and mapping the issues of longevity.  I believe in deep relationships with clients and their families addressing a wide range of lifelong issues that engage clients throughout their life stages.  This means a discussion that goes beyond investments and planning to also focus on the income that will be necessary to address specific needs in later life.  My process model is to provide education, effectiveness, empathy, guidance, personalization, retail experience, and trust.

Covid-19 has impacted how we are living.  Many of us have experienced changes and disruptions to our daily lives.  As a financial advisor I can help you navigate through the changes.  I know that there are jobs that have been lost and businesses that may have had to close.  Some of these changes will be permanent and some will mean changes to how things used to be.  I welcome an opportunity to talk with you if you have been financially impacted due to Covid-19.

During these challenging times, is your financial advisor really working for you?

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