Financial Planning for Business Owners

Business owners face unique challenges—and opportunities—in terms of financial planning. It takes hard work and careful planning to develop ideas into a successful business: continue that tradition by choosing a financial planning strategy that takes advantage of your unique situation.

For business owners who are considering moving to self-employment, a comprehensive plan can help with the adjustment from a situation where a previous employer might have provided benefits, such as health or life insurance or a company pension. 

Why Consider a Retirement Plan?

  • Save more for yourself tax deferred
  • Attract and retain employees
  • Help your employees plan for their futures


Consider the benefits of retirement plans for you and your employees. We review the various retirement plans available and guidelines to help you decide on a plan. Retirement plans are key to retirement saving success for both you and your employees. If you are currently a plan sponsor you have many demanding challenges competing for your attention. LPL advisors work with retirement plans every day, and they can help save you time, effort and worry. As an LPL advisor, I bring the experience and tools that deliver value, seek to improve participant reduced fiduciary responsibility and liability.

When business owners work with an advisor, the administrative workload is greatly reduced. In addition, a financial advisor has the tools and resources for improving retirement outcomes for your employees.

Focus on running your business and doing what you do best while your advisor helps manage your fiduciary risks.

Business Succession Planning

After working hard to develop a business, it is important to also enjoy the results. Many entrepreneurs spend years of focused effort building up a business, but then fail to consider how to make the transition to retirement. Life insurance is a consideration when planning business succession. 

No matter what stage of growth your business is in, contact us today to plan an efficient business planning strategy.

When you are full of ideas for starting a new business, all you can see is what’s going to happen tomorrow. The thought of having their vision turned to reality often blinds new entrepreneurs to that all-important question: Does it all makes sense financially? While passion is key to turning vision into a functional business, prudent financial planning is critical to ensure that reality comes to fruition, and continues to survive and thrive!  


Just as even the savviest of pilots can’t always fly blind all the time, so too is the case with business owners. Meticulous financial planning, for the short-term, in the intermediate period, and for the long-term horizon, is vital if a business is to succeed. 

Without sound financial planning, even the best of business ideas will soon falter and perish. Business financial planning is the lifeblood for any venture to succeed, expand and flourish in the long run.


Here’s how our Business Financial Planning solutions can help you:

  • Start-up financial planning: As you start up your new venture, you’ll need to finance its ongoing operations. Our experts can help uncover creative capital financing opportunities for you

  • Business plans: To ensure the ongoing viability of your business, you’ll need help putting together a sound business plan – for the short, intermediate and long-term. We can help create that plan for you

  • Contingency planning: Emergencies and unforeseen situations can arise anytime during the life of the business. It takes savvy financial advice to ensure you have the financial safety net to successfully weather the business through such events

  • Taxation: Most jurisdictions offer a number of tax incentives to business owners, so that they might create, expand and continue operating in those jurisdictions. Unfortunately, many business owners are either unfamiliar of the tax-friendly nature of such incentives; or they underutilize them to the detriment of their business. Leave it to our experts to help you understand such incentives so you can apply them to minimize your business taxes 

  • Asset acquisition: Whether you choose to own an asset outright for your business, or ensure its use through other means, will depend on the financing options available to you. We can help you make buy versus rent, versus lease decisions that are right for you

  • Debt management: Is it best to borrow against business assets? Or should you consider refinancing? Or would it make sense to dispose-of some assets to finance debt? These are every-day decisions that we help business owners make

  • Business expansion and diversification: When it comes to expanding and diversifying your business, you’ll find us right beside you when evaluating financial proposals and financing options to fund those initiatives  

  • Employee retention: No business is ever successful without satisfied employees. We’ll work with you to help offer attractive remuneration, compensation and benefits packages to your employees, that will motivate them to consider making a long-term career with you and your company

  • Succession planning: What happens if something untoward happens to you? What if you wanted to step down, or take a less active role in the business? Is there someone groomed and primed to assume the mantle of leadership and succession?   

  • Retirement, Estate and Legacy planning: And when it’s time for you to call it quits, we’ll be right there to ensure you are able to enjoy the fruits of your hard work. Through careful planning, we’ll not only make sure you enjoy a comfortable retirement, but that your legacy passes seamlessly to your next generation of successors